StakeUnited Adds Masternode Functionality for 7 Altcoins

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StakeUnited, the popular automated altcoin staking pool, now offers masternode ‘seats’ for 7 altcoins at a fraction of the price of buying and operating your own node, and the setup process is far more simple. The additional masternode functionality works in concert with the existing staking wallets to provide greater returns for earned node rewards.

The website, which features over 30 proof-of-stake (PoS) altcoins, allows users to purchase a portion of a masternode and a share of its rewards. Typically, buying a masternode costs thousands of dollars, but by pooling users’ coins, StakeUnited allows users to partially own nodes for a much smaller initial investment — typically a few hundred dollars depending on the altcoin.

Here are the 7 masternode altcoins available on StakeUnited:

StakeUnited’s deposit system is far easier than setting up a dedicated server to run your own masternode and less expensive. The downside is that you have to trust a third-party to operate the node and pay you the proper rewards, which may make some people uneasy.

StakeUnited is not the only automated staking pool in the world. While the site has a solid selection of altcoins, Simple PoS Pool features a number of coins not listed on StakeUnited, including Stratis (STRAT), Phore (PHR) and Linda (LINDA). The site also has a dedicated masternode section offering 15 altcoins.

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