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Traffic was restricted on Interstate 70 near West Alexander Tuesday after longwall mining affected the road.

State Department of Transportation workers were there Tuesday morning, milling down ripples that had formed in the road, which is requiring temporary traffic stoppages. The highway has been restricted to one lane in each direction in anticipation of the mining.

“As the mining moves under the interstate, there will be some damage to the roadway,” said PennDOT’s safety press officer Jay Ofsanik. “There could be other damage throughout that area in the next several weeks, but we’ll take care of those situations as they arise.”

Tunnel Ridge LLC, a mining company based in Ohio County, is mining a coal seam that runs under I-70 into West Virginia. The mining, which began last month, is expected to go on for the next few months.

“Even when the mining is done under the interstate, for some time frame afterward, you could have some issues,” Ofsanik said.

PennDOT is monitoring the highway 24 hours a day, where the speed limit also has been reduced to 45 mph.

The highway also was closed for a time Saturday to deal with similar issues.

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