Leading Chinese Blockchain Media Block Technology Secures Another Round of Financing

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China’s leading blockchain media Block Finance announced in Beijing Saturday that it has received an A+ round of financing of 20 million RMB ($0.31 mln). The Beijing-based startup has also been officially renamed as “Block Technology”, committed to public education on blockchain technology, talents training and promotion of further development of blockchain industry.

This round of investment, led by Shanggu Capital, came subsequently from Beechat Fund, Achain ecological fund, Goopal Group, Hash Capital, Polar Routes chairman Wang Chuyun and Ledger Capital. Block Technology, formerly known as Block Finance, was founded on March 7 this year, and has already won four major rounds of financing in three months.

Block Technology (formerly as Block Finance) is committed to building a leading blockchain social media, and establishing global blockchain value network ecosystem through distributed community nodes. Currently, Block Technology (formerly as Block Finance) has covered 3,000 community nodes in 200 cities and 15 countries, attracting nearly one million users.

The blockchain industry ecological nodes include blockchain media node, blockchain project node, blockchain investment node, blockchain mogul node, blockchain goddess node, blockchain god node and other types.

Screenshots showing some of the community nodes of Block Technology

The contents building of Block Technology (formerly as Block Finance) contains four major sections: Block Community, Block News, Block Project and Block Campus, presented through various channels including APP, PC, mobile, WeChat community, Telegram community, Beechat community, Momo, Zhihu, WeChat public platform, Weibo, Snowball Finance and Himalayan podcast.

In just three months, Block Technology has produced 2 mln words of original articles, 3,600 minutes of original audio shows, and accumulated readings of hundreds of millions of times across the entire network.

APP pages of Block Technology

Shi Yanqiang, founder and CEO of Block Technology (formerly as Block Finance) and chairman of Global University Blockchain Enthusiast Union, said that the new round of financing will further consolidate the leading position of Block Technology in the industry, help to lay out the ecology of blockchain media industry and accelerate the implementation of blockchain globalization strategy. It is reported that Block Technology has started the series B financing.

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