Is Amazon Adding Ripple (XRP) By the End of 2018?

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Ripple (XRP) has been the main topic of many speculations revolving around the most recent rumor that has been released into the public by an anonymous source, and possibly by an overly enthusiastic Ripple investor or an XRP holder. The rumor stands that Amazon will be accepting Ripple as one of the payment methods for Amazon products. It is not strange to see a giant company pairing up with a crypto asset as we have seen it so many times, however, we are eager to find out whether Ripple has the technological potential to be accepted by Amazon, as well as whether there are actual confirmations that XRP is going to be accepted by Amazon. Does Ripple has the potential to get accepted by this internet magnum, and how likely it is that XRP will be added to Amazon?

Ripple Aims to get to Amazon

After getting accepted and having its technology promoted through various companies and banking institutions, alongside with financial companies like American Express, MasterCard, Santander bank and other flattering partnerships, it has become evident that XRP became ready for a more radical mass adoption.

That is how it is believed, although not officially confirmed, that Ripple is going to be accepted by Amazon. Beside from being linked to this internet giant, Ripple (XRP) is also considered to be aiming at getting accepted by one of the top tech giants, Apple, Inc.

It is needless to say that the case of getting XRP added to Amazon is more likely going to sky-rocket this digital asset straight towards a global mass adoption, given the fact that Amazon represents an internet-based online store within a massive capacity and an even great reach that spreads its influence and brand worldwide.

So far, Ripple wasn’t mentioned by Amazon in any public announcements and neither did Ripple announced any novelties or updates regarding this matter. That is why we can by far consider this 9nformation to be nothing more than a sheer he said, she said.

However, Ripple did gain a worldwide attention not so long ago on NBC’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, when Ashton Kutcher donated 4 million dollars in Ripple, donating this amount in behalf of Ripple Foundation, which surprised Ellen in a positive way.

At the same time, this was a massive promotion for Ripple, as Ellen was able to receive the 4 million in only a couple of seconds and with a single click on the button.

But, what about Amazon?

Does Amazon Need Ripple (XRP)?

We can see that more and more companies and foundations are accepting and working with digital assets, and Ripple (XRP) alongside with only a handful of currencies is slowly becoming widely accepted.

There are a lot of small sized and medium sized companies that have already gone forward with accepting some cryptos as a form of a payment method for making payments for their product and services.

Companies that have gone forward with adopting crypto as a form of a payment method have usually made their minds for Bitcoin in the past. However, Bitcoin showed to be too slow for processing transactions as well as too expensive when it comes to processing fees.

This case possibly affected the case of having Bitcoin losing over 80% of its market cap since it had reached its all-time high.

Ripple, however, doesn’t have those problems, because thanks to its technological capabilities, the third-best digital asset is ready to process payments in only a matter of second and with the lowest fee possible.

In addition to having the ability of processing thousands of transactions in the matter of only a couple of seconds, which would be much appreciated by Amazon in case it decided to adopt XRP as a payment method, Ripple has a certain level of stability in the market, given the fact that its price is rising up slowly.

Of course, XRP is not immune to price disasters in the market, but it comes off as a more stable coin in oppose to its peers, simply because it didn’t have any major pitfalls when compared to other top currencies.

However, what can sky-rocket Ripple to the mass adoption and get accepted by Amazon is the fact that XRP makes up for a crypto that is before all, functional and user-friendly, providing a smooth user-end experience.

That means that anyone can use and trade with XRP, and given the fact that Amazon buyer is an average guy who just wants to get things done fast and buy what he wants in the most economical and fastest way possible, Ripple (XRP) can be definitely seen as Amazon’s choice in case Amazon decided to adopt a crypto as a form of a payment method for their products and services.

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