Ethereum Classic (ETC) is Open to a World of Possibilities as MataMask Now Supports the Cryptocurrency 

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Major Ethereum wallet and browser, MetaMask has announced that it now supports Ethereum Classic (ETC). The announcement was made by the director of Ethereum Classic, Anthony Lusardi. He said that even if the cryptocurrency hasn’t gone live on the platform yet, the job is in progress. The Ethereum Classic community is confident that this new arrangement will open up a door of limitless possibilities for Ethereum Classic.

MetaMask Now Allows Ethereum Classic Transactions

The MetaMask platform allows individuals to make typical Ethereum transactions through their web browsers on regular sites. It eliminates the gap between the regular web interface and the Ethereum user interface. You can think of it as a bridge people use to bring Ethereum to the mainstream. MetaMask, opens communication with Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized apps without running the entire node. It can be a plugin for Chrome, Opera, Brave Browser, and Firefox.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today / USD

Ehereum Classic, is just like Ethereum. It is a public blockchain that is based on a distributed computing platform that features the smart contract functionality. It is one half of the Ethereum platform which split into two. Ethereum Classic was created as a result of a disagreement within the Ethereum Foundation about the DAO Hard Fork. All those who were in disagreement came together to create the Ethereum Classic community.

The Ethereum Cooperative ECC

A network know as Ethereum cooperative was later created to provide financial support for the development of Ethereum Classic. The Ethereum Cooperative, ECC, covers the funding for development of Ethereum Classic, the marketing aspect of the network, and the community building. The ECC helps in the development of Ethereum Classic by filling the gaps in cases where the developers are finding difficulties with projects.

Community members are also provided with funding for projects. The cooperative helps to send ETC’s message to the public and help new community members understand the platform.


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